"Things don't
turn up in this
world until
turns them up."
James A. Garfield
Our People

Brief backgrounds on our principal and two of our senior consultants is provided below. In addition to our in-house consultants, Convergent Consulting possesses a very wide network of consultants whom we will engage on an as needs basis, depending on the specialist skills required by our clients.

Whatever the project, we seek to ensure that we have access to the most highly qualified personnel and information base.

Greg Flavel - Principal

Greg Flavel, is one of Australia's leading ICT industry consultants and has been providing strategic, policy, operational management, and investment advice for clients based in Australia, Asia, Europe and North America for more than ten years. Formerly, Greg has held senior positions with C&W Optus, KPMG Consulting, and McKinsey & Company.

Greg has served the Boards, CEOs and senior management for clients such as Telstra, TVNZ, Macquarie Bank, KPMG, PowerTel, National Australia Bank, Deutsche Bank, Time Telecommunications (Malaysia), IBA (S. Africa), Multimedia Victoria, and the Department of Communications.

Qualifications include a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

Susan Turner - Senior Consultant

Sue has over 10 years experience in the communications sector and specialises in industry consultation; industry and market review; business and strategic planning ; and regulatory and public policy. She has previously held senior positions at KPMG Consulting, the Communications Law Centre and the Australian Broadcasting Authority. At Convergent Consulting, Sue has been involved in two key projects. The first was scoping the size of the Australian telecommunicationís infrastructure market, for a private client looking for new expansion and partnering opportunities. The second was assessing the costs of a digital radio (DAB) roll-out in Australia.

Binyomin Smith - Senior Consultant
Binyomin Smith brings an innovative and methodical approach to business analysis with a particular specialty in the application of complex financial modelling and costing methodologies, including capital expenditure evaluation, TSLRIC (Total Service Long Range Incremental Costing), capacity costing, ABC (Activity Based Costing) and customer and product profitability. Combined with this is an astute technical aptitude.

Formerly, Binyomin has provided business analysis for a broad range of clients within the ICT sector, including AAPT, Vodafone, Integral Energy, and C&W Optus.

His formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering Degree from the University of New South Wales and he is currently studying towards a Masters of Business Administration.